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06/30/19 Martina C. Live Video Review 


04/18/19 - Ebony W. Great products and fast shipping. I’m so in love 

04/24/19 - Leslie S.  - Really enjoyed the scrubs. The body butter scents are very nice! Overall a really nice product.

05/11/19 - Sandra W.  - My Daughters used the products and they loved it! Thanks so Much!


05/12/19 - Shirley M. - The Body Butter is so nice a little goes a long way!

05/16/19 - AJ M.  - Butter Makes my Skin so Soft and Lasts All Day! Even Used As a Massage Cream! Thanks!

05/19/19 - Kelley K. - Bought the Spa Set for Mother's Day for Mom and my Aunt - I Absolutely Love it and so did they!


05/31/19 - Michelle A.  - Got the Unscented Body Butter for eczema! Thanks So Much!


05/18/19 - Tanisha T. - Love the Lavender Sugar Scrub, Relaxing and Smell Like a SPA!






06/01/19- Dewanda P.  - My son says that the body butter soothes his skin before and during shaving and stop the itch! He loves it! Thank you!

06/05/19 - Leti M.  - I love the body butter, sugar scrub, and milk soap - Use the scrubs for my pedicures, use the butter daily and it last a long time, and the milk soap is great for my face. Love it all!

06/11/19  - Jade R.  - I have acne and the soap milk and butter I use for cleansing my face and it clears the skin nicely and it's so soft!

06/15/19 - Tavion M.  - I use the butter on my hair it my waves soft and shiny and doesn't flake!

06/19/19 - Kim W. - I absolutely love all my products,I bought the Honey Almond Soap Milk, Sugar Scrub, and Body Butter, Everything is Great with the products!

06/30/19 - Melvin R. - I bought the Honey Almond Body Butter a couple of weeks ago, I enjoyed it so much that I ordered 3 more butters to stock up..

06/30/19 - Tanika C.  - My friend bought the citrus sugar scrub and loved it, so I decided to buy the Peppermint sugar scrub.

07/03/19 - Teresa S. - The scents of the Sugar scrubs are spot on, especially the Citrus scrub which I thoroughly enjoy, I think this is an awesome product, and will share with others who would like to try it out.

09/07/19 - Flora J. - I’m in LOVE with your products ..I need to order 2 rose cream, and I’m planning on your products being my Xmas gifts this year so you’ll be hearing from me soon!

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